Individuality - Sun conjunct Uranus

"Revolutions begin with the self, in the self" - Toni Cade

S u n C o n j u n c t U r a n u s

I think that with Uranus conjunct the Sun it automatically makes you hard wired with a kind of high voltage electrical energy. With a charged nervous system, stress easily effects these people and they are prone to being highly strung especially when the Sun is in Fire or Air.

They are strongly individualistic and have a highly developed sense of self and if you push these people...they will push back. They resist moulds and are not afraid to be seen as different and to stand up for what they believe. They have original minds and can easily think 'out of the box' and have an uncanny ability to pluck thoughts and inspiration out of thin air.

They can have trouble with physical co-ordination and as children they can find it difficult to catch a ball, for instance. They also may experience phases when they have trouble going to sleep or find them selves waking suddenly.

They relish being individuals and have no particular need to 'fit in' with the crowd - feeling their 'differentness' to be an asset rather than a fault.

"To me, the whole process of being a brushstroke in
someone else’s painting is a little difficult." - Madonna


She was never one for pastels, her colours were bold
too volatile to have ever been considered demure
she screamed when others merely whispered
it was not her intention to offend, it was just her way

August bought forth a fiercely individual spirit
she couldn't, wouldn't, dull her shine for anyone
her voltage was high, she contained the electricity
but you could still hear it, popping and crackling

Under the shiny surface a golden heart was beating
as it pumped the ruby red lifeblood through her veins
Dancing flames licked around her head, a fiery halo
while all around her ankles the angry ocean roared

- Susannah Bec 2010

These are three verses of a recent poem... for the rest of the poem please visit my poetry blog - Out of My Ocean

Image and words Susannah Bec.


Anonymous said...

excellent points and the details are more precise than somewhere else, thanks.

- Norman

Anne Whitaker said...

Hi Susannah

this made me chuckle with the degree of accuracy with which you have pinpointed Sun/Uranus fire/air - I have Leo Sun applying sextile 10th House Uranus and clearly recognise myself in every word you say, right down to what I call 'spatial dyslexia' and sudden bolt uprights from sleep (usually struck with an IDEA since I also have Mercury semi-sq that Uranus).

I really like the Madonna quote - and your poem.

Susannah said...

Norman, thanks very much for your comment. :-)

Susannah said...

Hello Anne,

I am glad you could identify with this and I love 'spatial dyslexia' that's exactly it! :-)

Thanks vert much for visiting, it is always good to see you. :-)

Rock N Roll Hell said...

I resonate with this so much. I have poor balance and have struggle with anxiety for over a decade. Neurotic would describe me well. I also have an Aquarius moon so that doesn't help with my high-strungness. :)

Fausto said...

Very nice details about this conjunction. I feel that people with Sun conjunct Uranus have a kind of Aquarius feeling in your behaviour. I have Scorpio Sun conjunct Uranus and Aquarius Moon.


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