Scorpio Ascendant

I asked a friend with a Scorpio Ascendant why they used to wear dark glasses so often?

They answered . . . "it is like having net / lace curtains at a window".


La Christina said...

I like that! I've got scorpio rising, and I don't like people peeking inside either :)

Anonymous said...

I have Scorpio rising and if I could get by with it without being considered "wierd", I`d wear dark sunglasses even at night. I`m extremely private and will only trust people that have proved their mloylaty to me.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention that many people comment on my eyes that are dark and penetrating. I`m very intuitive concerning people and I will know if I will like that person withing the first 10 seconds of meeting them. On the downside, I take too little time cultivating a friendship with people that I view as not appealing to me. I know this is harsh, as I do believe you can learn something from everyone.


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