Sun conjunct Uranus

In my chart I have Sun conjunct Uranus in Leo in the 4th House trining Jupiter in Sagitarius in the 7th house. In general I find it to be a real positive, I am pretty comfortable in my "individuality". ;-)

But I was just reading through some of the older posts on this blog when I came across something I had written about one aspect of my Sun conjunct Uranus.

I can be what you could call 'highly strung' not in a nervous, fragile way, more like, as the line in the poem below says "wired under strain" like a rubber band stretched to full capacity. At times I feel my nervous system is so acutely sensitive that I don't have much 'stretch' if something twangs my rubber band! :-)

I'm lit from within by a terrible light.
I'm buoyant, and radiant, and raw.
Intensely connected.
Wired under strain.
Tension, too tight to ignore.

Obviously this is accentuated by certain transits (and I am sure the above was written under one of them). I also have Mars in Gemini conjuncting my ascendant (from the 12th house) and I have to be aware of my excess of 'Mercury "mental" and Uranian "electrical" energy for fear of short circuiting or blowing a fuse! I can't take too much stress.

How do you experience Sun conjunct Uranus, does anyone else feel 'wired under strain'?

Image - PASSION - Sun conjunct Uranus in Leo


Anonymous said...

I have Sun-Uranus-Mercury conjunct in Leo and know exactly the electric tension you're describing. It's like having lasers leap from the frontal lobes. Useful when needed, but a lifetime of blown circuits.

I've worked at learning to ground the energy. Breathing, music, singing (air); showers, baths, rivers, spas (water); martial arts, dance, gardening, animals, and red shoes (earth) as counterpoints to the fire stellium

Susannah said...

Hello Anonymous, it is nice to know that you can identify with my experiences.

I too have mercury in Leo but not close enough to conjunct my Sun /Uranus.

I have also found that when my Uranus is activated by transit etc. that electrical energy (computers in particular) can make me very 'wired' I have trouble sleeping am very energised and am sure I am almost giving off sparks! :-)

Those are really good points about grounding the energy.

Thanks very much for your comment.

Anne Whitaker said...

Hi Susannah

I was so excited by Leah's review of my book that I forgot to include you in the Jupiter/Uranus time machine, along with Leah, given that your MC/IC is 6 Leo/Aquarius!Apologies for that, and if you are interested in emailing me to let me know how 1997 was for you in the year of the 6 Aquarius conjunction, Id be happy to hear from you! Best wishes. Anne

Susannah said...

Hi Anne, thanks very much for visiting.

I will trawl my memory banks and let you know if anything significant comes to light.

Best wishes to you - Susannah :-)


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