Can We Look At Uranus, Neptune and Pluto Objectively?

So, can we possibly view the outer planets clearly?

I have been thinking about the outer planets and have realised that I don't/can't view them objectively. Of course I have read all the text book definitions and recognise the essence of the outer planets but still believe that because of my chart placements I am not seeing the actual unadulterated energy.

URANUS - I have my Sun conjunct Uranus (20/21 degrees Leo trine Jupiter in Sag.)

To me Uranus energy usually feels liberating, exciting, creative.

I enjoy being an individual, I take "you're weird" as a compliment! lol.

I don't mind, going against the herd, standing up for what I believe. . . being different

Uranus transits for me are usually positive, though the early ones really didn't feel that way, more like a bomb had gone off destroying my life and everything I had clung to for security, family, home and lifestyle (I have Uranus in the 4th house.)

After the first major transit (which shattered my seedpod and changed the course of my life) I learnt some strategies and when I feel Uranus looming I 'let go and go with the flow'.

Uranus is great at sweeping me out of ruts and too comfortable comfort zones and whisking me off to new growth and lots of times a whole new life! Like Dorothy in a wizard of OZ - all of a sudden I am in a new place and everything has changed. When I look back these have been the periods of my greatest evolution,

I must say at this point that my Taurus Moon is NOT always so keen. :-)

Running softly, soundlessly, across the midnight rooftops, a dozen factory chimneys etched in black.

Through the silhouettes of night, my soul goes running, silence masking its footfalls. Far away a ship calls home, its cry echoing in the murky blackness, a pigeon roosts on a factory windowsill, its glass reflecting the moon.

As my soul goes running, no shadows does it cast, nor reflections are seen. For who will take the time in the dead of night, to look at midnight rooftops, and notice, as my soul goes running.

So for me Uranus is tied up with my Sun, my identity, it can not be seen separately, it is part of me. So I am unable to view it dispassionately.

I have observed people with Uranus in difficult aspects having trouble with feeling different, feeling like an outsider, wanting to fit in. I have seen it disrupt peoples lives and turn it upside down.

They would not view it as I do. I believe that like life itself, how you view things is filtered through who you are. (In Astrological terms - through your birthchart.) So, no absolute truths, just perceptions.

NEPTUNE - I have a 6th house Neptune opposite my 12th house Moon in Taurus both square my Leo Mercury/IC conjunction.

So for me Neptune is an emotional planet, a sensitivity, I feel people (sometimes too much.)

I have to be aware that I am porous on an emotional level, others emotions penetrate the thin membrane surrounding me.

My own emotions can be contained, worked with, healed and understood if I keep them safe within my 12th house cave and allow them to be nurtured by my grounded Taurus Moon.

But if, as in earlier years I externalise my emotions, try to share them, they become vast, amorphous, without end.

I lose myself, I slip under doors, through cracks. I have no container. If written down they can be captured, the paper gives them boundaries, I can see them.

For me Neptune is sensitivity, inspiration, intuition, compassion.


Navigate the darkness.

Edge your way forward, one sure foot in front of the other.

Eyes closed, you trust your inner light.

Immersed in feelings you have no need of sight.

Your inner navigation knows the route.

Intuition the compass of the soul.

Feel the direction, the magnetic pull on your primal instincts.

Trust the path, trust your gut, trust your self.

Keep walking.


Some Neptune transits have been more difficult for me than the ones from Uranus. I have in recent years lived through Neptune opposing my Sun/Uranus conjunction, and as it makes no aspect to them natally, this was an energy my Sun was unused to! I had a very physical reaction to the transit. Whereas Neptune aspects to a planet in my chart that 'knows' that energy is easier, it is recognised and can be worked with.

As Neptune is placed in my 6th house and also has an 150 degree aspect from Mars it affects my physical health - In fact the whole sixth house Neptune issue deserves a blog post of its own to explain/explore as I have so much to say.

I hear Neptune and attach emotion to it. Someone with Mars conjunct Neptune would see it differently.

PLUTO - Pluto is conjunct my Venus (5/6 degrees Virgo) and also part of a grand Earth trine with my 12th house Moon and 8th house Saturn.

So Pluto, I associate with relating, with relationships.

In my younger days I was taken down into the depths and reborn again through my relationships.

Destroyed and resurrected. I have no fear of the deep dark places of the human psyche, of the depths of emotion. I know that from the darkness comes rebirth, comes healing.

You just have to be willing to face the darkness. Sorry, I will change that. You have to endure the darkness, you have to be courageous and hold on and wait for the process to run its course and churn you out remade, renewed, reborn. Hopefully with a few nuggets of gold in your pockets that you saw glittering in the corners of that dark underground cavern and carried back safely into the light.

I like to relate on a deep level. I like to look beneath the surface.


Golden, I am golden,

a fiery sun burning with a never ending flame.

Red hot centre combusting,

radiating outward,

wave after wave fueled by a magnificient wind,

whirling, blowing life into the feeding flames.

I am alight, radiant, glorious.

Raging heat, the nucleus of creation,

throw me down into your molten heart,

transform me in your crucible.

Forged in the white heat to arise

a phoenix from your flame.

Base to precious,

lead to gold,




Pluto needs depth whatever it is attached to in our chart.

That is why text book definitions help us to get an idea of the 'nature' of a planet but observation of ourselves, others and life is needed to fully understand and integrate all the nuances of any one planetary energy.

QUESTIONS - How do the aspects from the outer planets to personal planets in your chart colour how you view them?

Do you notice the outer planet energies in your day to day life?

All poems taking from my poetry blog - Out Of My Ocean

All Images chosen from my artwork to express the qualities of the particular planets


msfullroller said...

I have the UranusRx/PlutoRx conjunction in Virgo conjunct the ascendant so I can relate to your view in regards to Pluto on wanting to relate deeply and having been taken down to the deep by relationships and having to rise out of the ashes. I've found that most people do not want to relate that way so I tend to feel alone in that respect. This conjunction is in opposition to the MercuryRx/Saturn/Chiron stellium in the 7th. With that I don't say what really needs to be said and put up with far more than I should though I think my Neptune in Scorpio probably has a lot to do with that as well. Neptune is square Venus & my 12th house Leo Moon.

Alexander M Zoltai said...

I love the poetry and the poetic narrative of your writing!

I have Pluto in Leo in my 12th, wide conjunct Mars in Cancer--it's a true Friend in the Depths (where I spend maximum time...).

My Neptune is in Libra in the 2nd, wide conjunct my Moon--Dreamer of a SpaceCadet, always wondering at folks foundering in their merely physical worlds...

Uranus in Gemini in the 11th, trine my Moon is the Key for resolving Pluto and Neptune's Mysteries...

Want to share the basic meanings for the Transpersonals from my book:

Breaking Obsolete Traditions of
Seeking the Truth of
Exploring Fresh Ideas about
Dissolving Old Forms of
Being Idealistic about
Getting to the Depths of

NR said...

Great post!

P.S. My Leo sun is 21 degrees, too. And my Venus is Virgo 10!

Susannah said...

Hi msfullroller,

I think that a lot of the reason that people don't want to relate too deeply is that people have a lot of stuff inside that they haven't examined and for them to relate too deeply makes them uncomfortable - they like to keep it light so they don't risk stumbling on uncomfortable feelings.

SO, we both have a 12th house Moon! (mine's in Taurus) have you ever read Tracy Marks book Your Secret Self: Illuminating Mysteries of the Twelfth House ? - I found it so interesting and enlightning, it gave me so many insights into my 12th house planets.

Thanks very much for coming by and commenting. :-)

Susannah said...

Hello Alexander,

I am so glad you enjoyed the poetry and I see you know and understand the value of your 12th house too. :-)

Thanks for sharing the meanings of the transpersonals.. . The Neptune "Being Idealistic about" has started a whole new train of thought.

Thanks very much for your comments, much apprecuated. :-)

Susannah said...

NR. . .our Leo Suns and our Virgo Venus's are conjunct - Wow, that is interesting and what a coincidence! seeing I just found your blog too.

msfullroller said...

Hey Susannah,

Yes, I've got that book but have not read it completely yet..gotta do that soon but I'm so glad you posted because I came back to read the comments and re-discovered Alexander so I'm checking out his blog and ebook again.

Wow, NR's sun is conjunct my 12th house moon and his Venus is conjunct my ascendant! You have a 12th house moon and Alexander is an Aries Sun the same as me! Serendipity? lol

Susannah said...

Serendipity for sure! ;-)

So that means that my Sun is conjunct your Moon too and my Venus close to your ascendant as well!

Yes, I have to check out Alexanders site more thoroughly too.

Nice to see you again!


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