Endings and Beginnings - Solar Eclipse

I scrape away at the surface.
Little by little the top layer is removed
exposing the rich, brown soil.

Hidden from the light, it has been concealed,
moist, damp, dark and fertile.

I make a hollow
and feel the crumbly earth
packed under my fingernails,
as I start to dig.

Bare hands
deeper, deeper
as a hole is pulled
from inside myself
and transplanted in the ground
beneath my dirty hands.

This deep dark cavern is potent,
receptive and waiting
as I drop my past into the bottom,
and feel it spread and ooze
down into the expectant earth.

From deep within me
I release my unspent tears,
they surge upward, irrigating me
loosening the tiny rocks
and pebbles
of hurt

Gushing out and into the hole,
shiny and wet against the black earth.
Washed clean

I feel bubbles of joy rising from my core,
I drop to my knees as I begin to smile
and then with my body shaking
I laugh into that deep dark hole.

From out of my mouth like shining stars
seeds S C A T T E R on the newly fertilsed soil
and begin to germinate as soon as they touch the ground.

The joy thunders through my body
as I gently cup the mounded soil
and begin to fill the hole.


Image title : Endings and Beginnings


Anne Whitaker said...

Hi Susannah

I have Pluto conj five planets in the Twelfth House - so,no surprise that I love this poem! Hope you saw my reply to your comment on my "Life Changers" post - your site is now on my blogroll. Thanks for your gifted writing.

Anne W

Susannah said...

Hello Anne,

I am glad you liked the poem (and now I understand the why your blog is called 'writing from the 12th house!')

I hadn't seen your reply before but have just been over to read it - thank you for that (and for adding me to your blogroll.)

Thanks for visiting and for your comment, both much appreciated. :-)

Alexander M Zoltai said...

Another 12th House being here...

Saturn and Mars in Cancer there plus Pluto in Leo...

Very much relate to the translation of the hole inside (12th) into the earth--my Venus is *most* elevated in Taurus...

Susannah said...

Hello Alexander, Thank you very much for dropping by and for your comment, much appreciated :-)


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