Neptunes House

"Abracadabra - a tap with a magic wand - gone!"

I am very familiar with the creative / spiritual / mystical aspects to Neptune, but I am curious about peoples experiences with the sometimes not so rosy effects that Neptune can have! In particular I wanted to ask if you are prone to experiencing confusion, fear and anxiety around the concerns of the house that Neptune falls in, in your natal chart?

For myself Neptune in the 6th house brings an oversensitivity to drugs (medications) chemicals, smells etc. It has always made any ill health I have had notoriously difficult to diagnose and that in turn has caused vague floating fears. Though I am very intuitive when it comes to other peoples health (and my amateur diagnostic abilities are usually excellent :-) - probable due to my Neptunes exact sextile to Venus conjunct Pluto in Virgo.) I don't seem to be able to see my own 6th house issues with such clarity!
These floating fears can also be pinned onto my pets if I am not aware and vigilant and I have trouble 'seeing clearly' if my concerns are valid or not. The sixth house is one place I sometimes have to ask others for a second opinion, as I know that sometimes reality can shift a little too easily there for me!

Some more thoughts based purely on observation of people close to me -

Neptune conjunct Ascendant / in the 1st house brings a shifting self image, a feeling of "I have lost myself again" - I was sure I knew who I was!
Fear sometimes comes from not having a clear sense of who they are and what they are doing.

Who are you? said the Caterpillar. Alice replied rather shyly, 'I - I hardly know, Sir, just at present - at least I know who I was when I got up this morning, but I think I must have changed several times since then' - Lewis Carroll

Neptune in 12th - if no time is made to allow Neptune activities into everyday life - meditation, creativity, daydreaming etc. then absent mindedness, forgetfulness and spaciness seems to seep through into day to day life - over tiredness and sometimes illness can be signs that these people need to retreat and look after their Neptune self. Vague floating anxiety can sometimes surface from the subconscious and fear can come from 'losing yourself' in things.

Some ramblng observations about how things can sometimes seem in Neptunes house

In the house of Neptune

Schrodingers cat
is both alive and not alive

nothing is solid
nothing is sure

morphing reflections
liquid truth

first I know
then I don't
maybe it will
maybe it won't

I had it a moment ago
now it has gone

It is true as long as you believe it
or until it dissolves before your eyes

I would love to hear about how it is for you!
What house is your Neptune in? Can you identify with any of the observations in this post? What effects do you notice?

Image and words - Susannah Bec


Maya said...

yes, neptune can be very confusing, if not recognised.

i am a 12th house neptune conjunct ascendant opposite a 7th house sun, and mercury, mars, jupiter stellium in 6th house and squaring a 4th house saturn opposing a pluto-uranus conjuntion in the 10th!

not knowing who i am was one of my biggest problems for a very, very long time. i could find myself only through others (but that would be a 7th sun?).

no boundaries, a strong ESP, feelings of slipping into 'other worlds', 'seeing' into other people and their motivations, identifying so strongly with another that i wouldn't know whether i was living their life or my own! ... i was plagued all my younger life with these kind of problems. But also equally blessed with an awesome Muse.

Midlife, I completely rejected Neptune and went with a practical Saturn... but slipped into meditation and alternative lifestyles... it led to some horrendous experiences along with some amazing ones. Connecting with nether worlds, paralyzing and painful fears...

... until i re-accepted my Neptune and integrated into me.

I now welcome my Neptune and his gifts.. his gifts ARE wonderful... and learning to balance with a Saturn-Pluto opposition.

Recognizing Neptune is one of the biggest problems... once recognized and integrated, Neptune can bring one into contact with one's soul...

I hope this helps... any more insights on neptune, esp 12th house ones would be great!

Pen said...

Neptune in the 6th, yep, those catastrophising health fears. But also super-responsive to subtle fixes — homeopathy, sympathy (haha). Tried being a nurse, too. Now I have a novel about that — imagination applied to health. Nice to find your site. :)

LB said...

My Neptune in the 2nd is widely conjunct my Sun and closely conjunct my Mercury (chart ruler) and Jupiter (2nd/3rd). Also tightly square my 5th house Moon and sextile my 12th house Pluto.

I relate to much of what you wrote regarding mysterious symptoms and sensitivity to drugs/chemicals/smells (people). The upside to this is that even a small dose of a necessary medication can be very effective with me – I have no tolerance since I almost never use them. I’ve also experienced the “vague floating fears” you speak of, and have learned to turn to the spiritual side of Neptune (my faith) for support. Whenever I’m most afraid, I imagine the worst, then ask God to help me trust that all will turn out as it should – which doesn’t mean I don’t do what I can to prevent the worst. Really it’s the fear I’m most afraid of; fear of the dark is the dark.

Neptune has been transiting my 6th house for several years now, and my sense of self-worth has been seriously challenged. At times I’ve wondered if anything I do really matters, or if I have anything of value left to offer the world. Of course, I have Chiron in the 6th, so I’m sure that plays a large role as well. I’m slowly making my way through and am just beginning to discover some of Neptune’s mysterious 6th house gifts. I can only imagine what living with natal Neptune in the 6th is like.

Susannah said...

Hi Maya, thank you for sharing your Neptune, I can see that like me, you know it well. :-)

Actually lots of things about your chart placements are the same as the person I mention above (in the 12th house neptune.) She too has the 7th house Sun and her stellium is in the 7th with just her mercury in the 6th house. She too has the 4th house saturn opposing a pluto-uranus conjunction in the 10th.

When you say about 'seeing' into other people and their motivations, that is something that the person with Neptune conjunct Ascendant has said that they were aware of, stretching back right to when they were a child, it made them uncomfortable and they sensed it made others feel that way too, as though somehow they could pick up that this person could 'see them'.

Because my Neptune is opposite my 12th house Moon I pick up other peoples feelings and it took a lot of years to separate other peoples feelings from my own, it is still something I need to be aware of.

For all the vague anxieties and sensitivities Neptune brings, the gifts so far out weigh them and are beautiful and without measure!

Thanks so much for your comment, it is good to talk to you. :-)

Susannah said...

Hello Pen,

it is good to hear from someone who also has Neptune in the 6th and though I have steered away from medication perhaps I aught to look more into 'subtle fixes'.

What a good use of imagination applied to health - a novel! excellent! I look forward to checking out your site.

Good to meet you. :-)

Susannah said...

Hello LB,

Thanks for sharing your experiences, I can really identify with what you say about "even a small dose of a necessary medication can be very effective with me – I have no tolerance since I almost never use them" - me too.

Another thing that really struck me and triggered quite a profound realisation about my own feelings is when you said - "Really it’s the fear I’m most afraid of; fear of the dark is the dark."

I am so sorry to hear how the Neptune transit has left you feeling, sometimes these things can be hard but they bring growth and evolution even if they sometimes have to 'dissolve' things to do so, I am glad you are starting to see the gifts too.

Thanks again for sharing, it is good to talk to you.

Joyce Mason said...

Susannah, I had not remembered that you were a sister Neptune in the 6th! I have chronic worries about my health. Many people would say it’s because I’m a Virgo and we’re all hypochondriacs. We’re really not—just hypersensitive to our bodies and the environment. As my friend Gregg says, “Virgos can feel their blood circulating.” After my last degree Virgo Sun in the 5th,I have Venus/Neptune/Mercury conjunct at 4, 10, and 17 degrees Libra in the 6th. (I use Koch houses; Placidus also puts Sun in the 6th.)

I probably worry about the health of my cats even more than my own. Yet I've sometimes totally missed major clues there is something wrong with them! I’ve had cats with considerable health needs, and my only dog needed my nursing care constantly.

Like yours, my health conditions have been hard to diagnose. It wasn’t till I faced a complete hysterectomy at 45 due to a massive infection process that my surgeons discovered a severe case of endometriosis. This explained decades of gynecological issues. No one had ever even thought of it, though my doctor said afterwards that he couldn’t believe he didn’t suspect; I had the classic profile for endo. So, perhaps when you have Neptune in the 6th,it creates a fog even for your health providers. Sensitivities to drugs and the environment (flowers, trees, grasses) was a big deal in my 20s and 30s, but it has gotten better as I’ve gotten older—not gone, but livable. Adaptation!

One last thought: With Neptune in the 6th, I’m most comfortable with daily work that calls on my intuitive and creative skills. Even though I have a very logical, Virgoan mind, if I’m not channeling something, I’m a fish out of water.

Susannah said...

Hi Joyce! and thank you for reminding me you are a fellow Neptune in the 6th house too!

I so identify with things in your comment, especially the worry about cats! I too missed a major issues with one of my cats and yet have rushed another to the vet twice, only to be told they are perfectly healthy! I really do have to ask for second opinions from people around me, as at times I seem to go into woo woo land when I consider their health. lol

I also have had experiences with illness finally being identified only to be told, like you - "No one had ever even thought of it, though my doctor said afterwards that he couldn’t believe he didn’t suspect;"

. . and other severe health issues that the symptoms were treated but causes were found to be illusive, one doctors tests 100% finding the cause, then another doctors scan unable to find the trouble! - Definitely Neptunes fog all around! My doctor has concluded that in his words - I am a strange one!

In fact I really don't go to the Doctors these days unless it is totally unavoidable or something that is so clear cut I have identified it myself! - as otherwise it doesn't actually seem to help! :-)

I also love your thoughts about your daily work - I feel that way too.

Thanks very much for your comment Joyce, it is always good to see you. x

Eclectic Artista said...

Hi Susannah! I have a 12th house Neptune in Scorpio. Food is the one addiction I'm still trying to find peace and balance with. Boundary issues and unconsciously taking on the role of the "giver" has been another problem. Fortunately, as I get older and a little wiser, I'm gaining more awareness, clarity and ease around that.

I love this blog...will be checking in more! Best Wishes all! Mary

Susannah said...

Hi Mary,

Yes food is a big one for lots of us, we associate it with love and nurturance (as it was when we were born) and it has deep roots! Boundary issues too, at birth we had no separation, feeling that we and our mother were one.

Thanks so much for dropping in and sharing your Neptune, it is always really good to see you. x

Anne Whitaker said...

Hi Susannah

having had Neptune opposite five 12th House planets for nearly a decade, I now have Neptune in the Sixth sq MCNNode/ICSNode.

I am at last letting myself drift along in a Neptunian fog (fug??!!) some of the time and accepting that I need big doses of seclusion as part of my life pattern and work pattern.

Seems to work!

Thanks for this insightful post.


Susannah said...

Hi Anne,

yes it always seems to be the best move to embrace what ever it is that the planet needs! and try to foster the positive manifestations of the energy, rather than deny it and have the negative side of it forced upob us. Thanks for contributing.

It is always good to see you here, thanks for visiting. :-)

Jinksy said...

I have Neptune in my first house, conjunct north node, and I certainly spent many years wondering'Who am I?' Even now, I'm not totally certain, as I have so many facets resulting from my splay patterend chart! I can identify with much that Maya has said in her comment, and will definitely be back here again...

Susannah said...

Hi Jinksy, I am glad that you found your way here. :-)

Thanks very much for adding to the conversation.


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