2009 Revisited - Thinking about Twitter

I am revisiting some of my posts from 2009 and adding any new thoughts and observations that I may have had in the meantime. Please leave a comment, I love to hear your thoughts! - Susannah ;-)

Twitter, Astrology, Gemini and Me - from 23rd February 2009
I have been thinking about Twitter.

I am a frequent Twitterer, it appeals to me.
Quick bite sized comments fired off out into the wilds of cyberspace. It doesn't matter to me if anyone is listening, in fact at first I was surprised when someone commented on one of my Tweets, it was like, how do you know that! until I remembered about me and Twitter and this strange relationship we have built up.

Whether the tweets are serious, informative or light hearted, it seems to be the size of them I like. Just 140 words and that's it. No dragged out soliliquays, no long winded explanations. Just thoughts made manifest, pouring from my brain into that concise 140 word container.

Which got me onto the fact that it is a very 'Gemini' thing, and that is perhaps why it suits me so well. I have Gemini rising and I enjoy Twittering!. Then I realised that the friend that introduced me to Twitter has a Gemini Sun, and my cousin who I recently introduced to Twitter as I just knew she would be a natural, and she is! has Gemini rising just like me.

I think Gemini rising is probably a more prolific Twitterer. Other ascendants may interfere with the Gemini chatter, for instance my partner (a Gemini Sun, tweets only when he really has something to say - he has a Scorpio Ascendant ) whereas for me it feels like a very natural process.

So Twitter and a Gemini Ascendant, what do you reckon?

Do you Twitter? What do you think?

(Me: Gemini Ascendant with Mars conjunct it from the 12th house & Mercury in the 3rd house.)


Well the post above was written when I was reasonably new to twitter, and now nearly 11 months later, my perceptions (and my tweets) have changed.

The Gemini's mentioned above are no longer regular twitterers and in keeping with Gemini have probably found something else to spark their enthusiasm, whereas I am still going!

I can probably put this down to my 'fixed' nature and perhaps my Taurus Moon too - once I begin something I tend to have staying power, it then becomes almost habitual - I can be remarkably tenacious.

I am sure that my Gemini Mars and Ascendant without the backing of the fixed fire and earth would have flitted off long ago.

So, do you twitter?
What does your twittering style say about you?
Why do you enjoy twitter?
I would love to hear your thoughts or observations.

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Michelle said...

I have an 11th house Moon conjunct Saturn. I like all of the social networking sites because they allow me to connect with like-minded people, but I don't have to do it face to face. I think my twitter style is practical and appreciative.

Joyce Mason said...

Susannah, I just love this blog! Not only is the content is wonderful; it wows me every time I see it for its artistry. My 3 planets in Libra light up like a pinball machine!

I could not go to sleep (it's after 2 AM here) without commenting on Twitter. Like you, my tweets have changed over the year+ I've been into it. I tweet to connect, to share inspiration, and to build audience for my blogs and books. I find it totally addictive, and I cannot imagine life without Twitter.

One article I read called it "the best thing we never knew we needed." The ability to communicate in tidbits to many people is like idea fireworks! You never know who will be touched or turned off ... but the friendships and inspiration keep me coming back for more. I was always a quote-a-holic, but I have come to crave both giving and receiving them in the twittersphere.

Recently someone asked me to explain Twitter to him. He couldn't see how it differed from e-mail, and though he was polite, I could tell he kind of thought it was stupid. "You have to be there," as the saying goes. No one could have ever told me I could write in 140 characters or care so much about an online tool.

Susannah said...

Hello Michele and Joyce and thank you both for your comments. :-)

Michele, I too love that it allows me to connect with like minded people and be part of a greater whole without actually having to physically be there!

Thanks very much for visiting, it is good to meet you and to discover your website! I have put it on my blogroll so can keep up to date with it (I am exploring there now and really enjoying it).

Joyce, always good to hear from you. :-) I agree that twitter is great and like the fact that you mentioned that you never know who will be touched etc. I like to think it plays its part in the synchronicy of the universe - there have been times I have tweeted something and someone has sent me a DM and told me that it was just what they needed to hear at that moment.

I also know what you mean about having to be there to understand it! - after all Joyce, it was through twitter that I first met you! :-)

I think my style has changed from light hearted, newsy - gemini! to being more solid, more earthy - and hopefully spreading good thoughts with the quotes I tweet (and occasionally pointing people to my new blog posts too).

Thanks for your comments both of you, much appreciated - see you on twitter!

Michelle said...

Thank you for putting me on your blogroll Susannah.

I've been thinking a lot about internet applications and how they are most likely divided between the 3rd and 11th house. Twitter, blogging, IM, and email seem like 3rd house activities, while the internet as a whole (connecting loose groups of people, transcending all known borders) seems more like an 11th house rulership.

Susannah said...

Hi again Michelle,

Yes, I agree, I always feel that the internet is under the rulership of Uranus. Which is probably another very good reason why, with my Sun conjunct Uranus in the 4th house - it feels like home to me!


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