Mars Retrograde - Processing - Composting - Growing.

Vibrating in my throat, the feeling sits, a coiled snake
- a reptile that my mind has spawned.

Yellow and black
foreward and back
its red eyes dart
. . . over my ammunition
. . . in this war of attrition

It wants control of my tongue, it needs my words

to vocalise its hiss and rattle
to bear its venom into battle
it tastes the air
. . . sensing with dissatisfaction
. . . my characteristic lack of action

We wait.

I swallow and gulp and down it goes
eating it and its imaginary foes
it wriggles and writhes
. . . knowing I have found a cure
. . . tomorrow it will be manure

Knotted in my stomach, my digestion begins.

determined I will not be distracted
as all the nutrients are extracted
it softens and starts to dissolve
. . . slithering down with grunts and growls
. . . it enters the dark cave of my bowels

Its power is lost, it has been re absorbed

a dire situation has been elevated
the mind has lost what it created
I am retaining the power
. . . the waste is now expelled as shit
. . . to fertilise what I plant in it

Processing - Composting - Growing.

Also posted on Out of My Ocean as Processing - Composting - Growing.
Me - Mars /Asc in Gemini - Mercury, Sun/Uranus in Leo - Moon in Taurus.
Image -"What the F***"
- SB.


Lua Astrology said...

Hi Susannah
FABULOUS poem. I love the imagery, especially the part about wanting to take control of your tongue. Oh how I have fought that one recently! And I laughed at the end, the language is very Mars - no bulls**t haha. Wonderful stuff x

Susannah said...

Hi Leah - I am SO glad you identify with it! From reading your post, I thought you might! lol

Good to hear from you - x

Anne Whitaker said...

HI Susannah

what a brilliant team you and Leah are, in prose and poetry. My 12th House stellium being stomped by Mars feels much better now!

All good wishes

Anne x

Susannah said...

Hi Anne, I am glad you could appreciate it! :-)

It is always good to see you here, thanks for dropping in.


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