Musings on Chiron

I have been thinking about Chiron lately, as transiting Jupiter has just moved into conjunction with my natal Chiron at 0 degrees Pisces.

Observation: As it was approaching, I felt a pressing of my 'soft spot' while empathising with a dear friend who had suffered a loss, within moments my almost forgotton wound opened up before me, fresh and raw. . .

I am paper thin

the fragile membrane

protecting my wound

a sham

a trick of the eye


a raw spot

a gossamer wing

an eggshell

the truth



facade in place

the parade



Shedding Your Skin
"Some days demand retreat, they scream go back inside, close the door and turn out the light. Cover your head with a blanket, curl up in a ball, dark and silent. Nothing but the sound of your breath, in and out, in and out. Block out marauding thought. Wait patiently until your skin grows back."


Shedding your Skin taken from - My Name is Zing

Image & Poem - Chiron - by SB - 2010.
For more poetry check out - Out of My Ocean

Notes: I recently read Joyce Masons article at Zane Steins Chiron Site - link and explored her idea of aspects to chiron and the path of least resistance. I could really identify with that when applied to my own chart and it set me off on another avenue of exploration. Thanks Joyce.


Astrogirl7 said...

That was lovely!! I know the pain, Chiron has done a number on me lately... its squaring my moon and IC. I found myself weeping on and off for months. It was pain related to lonliness, abandonment, rejection, lack of bonding and closeness in my life with others (Scorp. moon in 4th). Since, I have been learning to just allow the feelings and thoughts, and be at peace with them.. but not get attached to them. I have been learning about non-attachment, and the transient nature of life. Its hard, but I guess its my Karma.

Susannah said...

Hello Astrogirl,
Oooh, I feel for you. As you say, it is hard, but it is times like that that shape us and let us learn more about who we are and though painful usually leave a gift, an integration, a sense of greater wholeness. The trouble is it is usually only recognised in hindsight! which doesn't help when you are in the middle of it.

It is funny but transiting Chiron had been going back and forth opposite my natal Sun/Uranus 20/21 degrees Leo last year and it didn't affect me in the same way as my natal chiron being triggered? Every year when the Sun and planets pass over my Chiron, I always feel this same feeling, it is easier now that I recognise it, and am kind to myself while I wait for it to pass.

Thanks for dropping in and leaving a comment, much appreciated and good to meet you. :-)

Alice said...

I have to say it resonated with me, too (which is an understatement, incidentally). Glad to have found you (back).

Susannah said...

Yes, I think we all have soft spots and times when they are triggered, it seems to be part of life itself.

Thanks for visiting Alice, it is good to meet you. :-)

Joyce Mason said...

Susannah, you are so welcome for the Chironic tip ... and here you have another gorgeous poem that speaks to the universal core wound. Sigh. It really hit home.

Susannah said...

Hi Joyce, yes I think that some feelings (though maybe in different guises) are universal and speak to us all on one level.

Thanks for coming by it is always nice to see you. :-)

Suz said...

Susannah, I know none of this
but I still find you in all of it
Astrology is something I know nothing of
But I can see it is of life

nice postings Susannah

Susannah said...

Thanks so much Suz, for visiting and taking the time to read. :-)


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