Synastry, Saturn and Conjunctions

Thinking About Synastry

Something got me thinking about how when other peoples planets conjunct ours in synastry it can bring to the fore the quality of the planet involved.

If the planets energy is not one that you
normally experience strongly, it can sometimes be very noticeable.

As an example:
In my chart my eighth house Saturn in Capricorn chugs along in the background giving me a sense of stability, practicality and 'weight'. It is part of a grand Earth trine with my Taurus Moon, my Venus /Pluto conjunction in Virgo and also my Virgo North Node. It makes a 150 degree aspect to my Ascendant and apart from quintile/bi quintile aspects, that is it.

I have always had a positive relationship with those in 'authority' and I seem to be received well by them despite my Sun conjunct Uranus :-) and I have always put this down to my Saturn.

Now compared to the rest of my chart Saturn doesn't feel like a major player, I rarely notice his presence and even with transits, I tend to work with his energy and get down and learn something.

That is why it becomes very noticeable to me sometimes, when I am interacting with a certain person, that all of a sudden something comes over my usually cheerful and positive personality (Sun in Leo trine Jupiter in Sagittarius) and I feel a solemnity come across me and I start putting the other side to things, pointing out the rules and regulations, the correct way things should be done.

In her words - I 'piss on her bonfire' ! :-)

I can actually feel a change come over me and have to really fight the urge, as it is very uncomfortable for us both. With my Sun conjunct Uranus, pointing out rules etc. really isn't my usual style!

She is a strong personality and her Sun falls exactly on my Saturn.

For many years no one with whom I shared my life had any planets in aspect to my Saturn - I lived in a pretty Saturn free zone! So really noticed when it was triggered from 'outside of me' .

I wonder, has anyone else noticed that other peoples planets strongly aspecting your chart can bring forward a noticeable and maybe unexpected planetary response from you?

I would love to hear your thoughts!


Anne Whitaker said...

Hi Susannah

have you got a few hours to spare on this one?! Just two examples: my husband's Saturn falls in my 9th House square my Asc, and I cannot drive a car with him as a passenger unless I am feeling very strong and very heedless of the strongly critical vibe I feel from him. On the other hand, his Moon falls on my IC/South Node and I feel totally at home with him on a very deep level, no matter what may be going on in the shallower layers of life - like driving cars!

Solstice greetings to you - and thanks for your writing which it's been a pleasure to read this year.


Susannah said...

Hello Anne,

Your husbands Moon on your IC/south node sounds a lovely connection.

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, it is much appreciated and it is always nice to hear from you. :-)

Seasons greeting to you and best wishes for a wonderful year ahead,

Susannah x

Shannon said...

I have a dear long-distance friend whose Saturn (well, Saturn/Moon/Mars) falls exactly on my north node in Cancer; we're very comfortable on an unspoken level but there's definitely... repression? Something. It's weird. Very caring toward each other, but not talking about it.

Susannah said...

Hi Shannon - strange isn't it

I too have a long distance online friend and their Sun conjunct Mercury opposite Saturn falls on my Neptune opposite Moon (both square Mercury)- we are really close on an unspoken level, in fact I can 'feel' them, we seem to have a deep bond. General conversation can be very confusing though and we often don't understand one another at all - very strange.

Thanks for dropping in and for leaving a comment. :-)

LB said...

Hi Susannah – You’ve hit the nail right on the head. Although I love my Sag friends, my Saturn is in Sag, so sometimes I find their endless enthusiasm (and impatience with details) a bit unrealistic. On the other hand, one of my best friends has her Saturn closely conjunct my Libra Sun/Venus/North Node conjunction in my 2nd house, and although we’re generally simpatico, we occasionally clash over how to best express our ideals. She has Saturn in her 11th house and has issues with me not being much of a joiner when it comes to big groups that form around social causes. I care just as much, but prefer to honor my values in a more personal way.

Susannah said...


Hearing your Saturns 'sometime' reaction to your Sagitarius friends made me realise that that is another aspect of my Saturn that I need to explore, as reading your comment triggered a couple of realisations for me (thanks for that :-))

Thanks very much for leaving a comment - it's nice to meet you. :-)


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