Moon in Aspect To Neptune

"All children are sensitive to their mothers, but those with Moon in aspect to Neptune are uncannily attuned to her. They don't even have to be in the same room and yet they feel what the Mother is going through. If the Mother has pain, the Moon - Neptune child experiences that pain as if it were his or her own. Sometimes they may even feel responsible for the Mothers pain - as if they had caused it. In short, Moon - Neptune aspects give a problem with boundaries. Those with these placements don't know where they end and others begin."
- Howard Sasportas - The Development of the Personality.
There are moments
where I feel that I have
tapped into something bigger
something more than just my personal feelings

As though at the bottom of my own emotions exists a door

I swim right down to the bottom of my psyche
down into the universal ocean of emotion
that is surging beneath.

Everything ever felt
exists here

and it pours through me
I am its conduit
aware and
I feel
it all


Painting: Moon-Neptune (and words) by Susannah Bec
For more poetry visit - Out of My Ocean


EclecticArtista said...

I have the Moon in Pisces trine Neptune in Scorpio (4th to 12th House)...And yes, it's so true...I was incredibly attuned to my mom when she was alive in this world and even now, after she's gone feel connected to her in spirit (?) Pretty Neptunian....

Susannah said...

Hi Eclectic,
I have Moon opposite Neptune (12th to 6th House)and can really identify with the quote too. Sounds like we are both pretty Neptunian!
Good to see you here, thanks for visiting and for your comment. :-)

Anne Whitaker said...

Hi Susannah

this is very simple and direct and absolutely hits the spot.

From Anne, with her 12th House balsamic Moon.

I have so appreciated your support for my revealing of experiences which are so well expressed by your poem.

Susannah said...

Thanks Anne. :-)

I have been so enjoying your writing about your experiences.

Joyce Mason said...

Susannah, beautiful post which truly gave a new layer of insight to this Neptune Square Moon native! The Howard Sasportas quote is the first time I ever "got" where my responsibility for others' feelings comes from. My mom was a quite a hothead whose first emotion was usually anger. I cringe when anger comes my way, and I realize, too, that my intense bonding to her and sense of responsibility for her emotions generalized to others over time. Boundary issues? LOL! There's been quite a conversation on my Boundaries 101 post on my blog and a bigger one when it was reposted on Donna Cunningham's.

Your poem and illustration, as ever, are a healing balm to me. I love visiting your blog! BTW, thanks to the synchronicity of a lot of poems being posted on astrology blogs around this Chiron ingress, I've realized that healing through poetry may be a huge medium during this transit of Chiron. Lucky for us poets! :)

Susannah said...

Hi Joyce and thanks very much for dropping in - it's always good to see you here. :-)

I am glad that the Howard Sasportas quote spoke to you.
I am sure that my intense sensitivity to my Mothers emotions heightened my sensitivity to ALL emotion.

About Chiron and poetry - I think your observations are spot on!

Thanks very much for your comment and your kind words Joyce.

LB said...

Hi Susannah – Your paragraph and poem summed it up so well. The comments echo my own feelings, so there’s not much more for me to add, other than to say it’s a constant challenge not to feel responsible for (and take on) the feelings of those I love, particularly since my Moon is in the 5th. Just as Joyce said, the early pattern formed with my mother has spilled over into my other relationships as well. My Neptune is in Scorpio in the 2nd and squares my Aquarius Moon in the 5th.

Susannah said...

Hi LB, yes I really have to watch for my tendancy to take on the emotions of others - I am pretty much an emotional chameleon if I don't consciously put up some sort of barrier to it! I attune to the emotions of those close to me.

Thanks very much for your comment, much appreciated. :-)


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