The Feeling of Spring and its Effect on my Taurus Moon

“There are beautiful and wild forces within us.” - St Francis of Assisi
Driving through the country roads I see fields and fields of newly ploughed earth - rich dark and fertile - I feel the spring time energy - the thrusting potential of a another new cycle of creation about to begin . . .

Red brown earth, newly ploughed,
fertile and ready for growth.
Touches my Taurus moon.
Calls for my naked body.
Rolls me in its rich soil.
I feel the season.
Springtime energy
infuses me
as the sunwarmed life
springs forth.
Singing to me,
of days to come.
of the harvest.

"In today already walks tomorrow." - Friedrich von Schiller

Image and words - Susannah Bec.


Suz said...

I know nothing of Tauras moons
but I too feel the call of the harvest in the newly plowed earth

Susannah said...

Hi Suz - I think all of us that are in tune with the rhythms of nature do. :-)

Joyce Mason said...

Oh, Susannah--yum! My Taurus Rising wants to roll in that dirt with you and make mud pies! :) What I love about this poem most is how it celebrates spring while envisioning the entire cycle of growth.

Brings quivers to my Triple Earth!

Susannah said...

Hi Joyce - I am glad your Taurus could identify!

Now, if someone shouts 'lets get ready to roll' it will have a whole new meaning if you and I are there! lol

Great to see you. :-)


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