Expressing your SUN

Our Sun needs expression
, it needs to shine, it needs an outlet, it needs to be acknowledged. It needs to cast its light on the rest of your chart, to energise you, to push you forward, it is your life force. It is symbolic of your 'hero's journey' you must heed its call.

If your Sun is well placed with easy aspects, you will be a natural! you won't have to think about it, it is just the way you are, it is 'you'.

If on the other hand it has challenging aspects or placement, or is out of tune with the rest of your chart, it might be more difficult to access, you may feel the lack of energy as you are not allowed to shine.

An example, a friend with a Scorpio Ascendant, Capricorn Moon and a Gemini Sun, the Gemini Sun was not allowed to 'be' as it was judged by the Capricorn values and stifled by the Scorpio reserve. It wasn't traditional enough, it didn't conform, it had no staying power, etc. etc. etc. So the Sun began to think that it was a 'negative' not understanding its true worth and began to shut down and live the Capricorn way, comfortable for a while, then the strange lack of energy, of interest, of life force began.

When the Geminis true path, qualites and strengths were acknowledged and allowed, the life force returned, the way was understood, it was still not an easy partnership and involved compromise but it was much improved.

How does your Sun fare? is it supported, expressed, happy, do you shine?


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Susannah. This is just what I needed to hear, to be reminded of. Made it go a bit deeper..


Susannah said...

Hi Angel, yes, sometimes reading the right thing, at the right time is just the reminder we need. Thanks very much for dropping by. :-)

Shawn Carson said...

Very cool blog, Susannah. I like your style.
The sun in my horoscope is so highly aspected from so many different angles that sometimes I meet myself coming and going. It's sort of like having multiple personalities.

Susannah said...

Hey Shawn, thanks for dropping by and for your comment, much appreciated. :-)


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