Thoughts - Words - Memories

Buffeted by internal winds
my thoughts take flight.
Birdlike, they swoop and soar,
riding the thermals
of my mind.
Circling shoals,
winged and able.
Enjoying the freedom.
Relishing the space.
Not fettered, nor caged.
Observational acrobats.
In their element.

Above - a revisit to an older post.
Below - memories evoked by the
latest post on The Radical Virgo.

The memories -
I grew up in a house where words were important and we played word games a lot, often the dictionary was picked up and opened at random and a word selected to see who knew the meaning and could spell it too.

Well, to stay ahead of the game,I decided that I would learn the dictionary! yes that's right, the WHOLE dictionary. LOL

With my Gemini Ascendant (and Mars conjunct from the 12th house) and my Venus conjunct Pluto in Virgo, this became rather obsessive! Needless to say for my own sanity I didn't persue the task to the bitter end but was a voracious reader all my childhood.

In general now, my Gemini gathers, and my Virgo sorts the wheat from the chaff.

Mars conjunct Ascendant in Gemini sextile 3rd house Mercury in Leo.
(Venus/Pluto in Virgo.)

Thanks for the memories Joyce :-)


Joyce Mason said...

Susannah, you are so welcome! Love your Nature's Face - Fire/Earth, and I'm so glad we have intersected in cyberspace and between our astro blogs.

Alexander M Zoltai said...

I just added your blog to my BlogRoll...

Leah Whitehorse said...

I love the poem - and the wonderful idea of a Gemini seeking to learn the whole of the dictionary!

Susannah said...

Thanks Leah, it was a bit ambitious, but I did end up learning quite a bit! (I am pretty good on words beginning with A! - lol)

Alexander - thanks very much for adding me to your blogroll. :-)

Joyce Mason said...

Susannah, you've done it again! Your blog has been nominated for a Lemonade Award by
The Radical Virgo. This means your site shows great attitude or gratitude. Check it out!


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