Twitter, Astrology, Gemini and Me

I have been thinking about Twitter.

I am a frequent Twitterer, it appeals to me.
Quick bite sized comments fired off out into the wilds of cyberspace. It doesn't matter to me if anyone is listening, in fact at first I was surprised when someone commented on one of my Tweets, it was like, how do you know that! until I remembered about me and Twitter and this strange relationship we have built up.

Whether the tweets are serious, informative or light hearted, it seems to be the size of them I like. Just 140 words and that's it. No dragged out soliliquays, no long winded explanations. Just thoughts made manifest, pouring from my brain into that concise 140 word container.

Which got me onto the fact that it is a very 'Gemini' thing, and that is perhaps why it suits me so well. I have Gemini rising and I enjoy Twittering!. Then I realised that the friend that introduced me to Twitter has a Gemini Sun, and my cousin who I recently introduced to Twitter as I just knew she would be a natural, and she is! has Gemini rising just like me.

I think Gemini rising is probably a more prolific Twitterer. Other ascendants may interfere with the Gemini chatter, for instance my partner (a Gemini Sun, tweets only when he really has something to say - he has a Scorpio Ascendant ) whereas for me it feels like a very natural process.

So Twitter and a Gemini Ascendant, what do you reckon? Maybe a Pisces Ascendant would enjoy it too, Uranus on the Ascendant Maybe?

Do you Twitter? What do you think?

Me: Gemini Ascendant with Mars conjunct it from the 12th house and my Mercury in the third house.


Joyce Mason said...

OMG! I agree, Twitter is so Gemini! My only Gemini planet is Uranus in the 2nd. I experience it as valuing (actually, living for) community, communication, and interconnection--and fast moving "conversations." As a consequence, I can get addicted to things like Twitter too easily. My challenge, as an old medicine commercial used to say, is to use only as (divinely) directed and avoid excessive use. Doesn't help that I'm a Virgo Sun and so Mercurial, too! :) My Taurus Rising reins me in some. She doesn't like me to post unless I have something meaty to say.

Susannah said...

Hi Joyce, yes, I would imagine the 'mental' mercurial aspect to the Virgo planets would help to make twitter enjoyable for you as well as your uranus. I am afraid with my Gemini ascendant and my Mars urging it on, I have no hope of reining myself in!! ;-)

Oriana said...

Interesting to look at the astro implications of Twitter. I am fairly prolific on Twitter (NatureSpirits) but I have a different approach. With the earthy Capricorn rising, I am enjoying watching my tweets add up & I like seeing followers increase. It's starting to feel like a substantial body of work & I love that all the tweets are archived. (Not that anyone would read them all--I just like that they're there.)As my ASC has progressed to 0 degrees Aries, I am about to start my 3rd Twitter acct. Me addicted? Nah! ~Oriana


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