A Universal Language

For a soul seeking wholeness, enlightenment and understanding, astrology is a lantern bearer, a reliable guide rope, on the quest for the self. It leads you into your own dark corners, so that you may uncover the treasure lurking in them.

It has layer upon layer of meaning, as once something has been internalised and understood, it would seem, another wrapper will appear, it too waiting to be peeled off in our continuing search for understanding. It truly is, an invaluable tool in the understanding of our self and our relationships.

It is a universal language, when the understanding of it has been internalised, it then becomes possible to see the planetary/archetypal/symbolic imagery in everything, and every situation. It fosters great insight into the make up of personality structures. We each have the same players, coloured differently, and forming our own unique pattern, but a definite identifiable cast of characters/energies.

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