Moon opposite Neptune

Neptune has been my Mother
bought forth from her very womb,

I feel her every nuance,
whilst wandering in her rooms.

She has always been around me,
but I've never seen her face.
Her gentle arms, encircle me,
as I'm staring into space.

Oceanic energy,
that coddles, and reveals.
The masks are constantly changing,
depending how she feels.

I'm familiar with formlessness,
with things that never end.
Boundaries, that don't exist.
…Realities that bend.

She cossets my emotion,
whilst exposing every thought.
Dwelling in her special place.
High priestess…holding court.

(12th house Moon opp Neptune
both square Mercury on I.C.)

Copyright © SB 2008


Donna Cunningham said...

I very much enjoyed my visit here, Susannah. Your poem was one of the best entries to my Neptune definition contest, and so I'd be happy for you to claim one of my ebooks as a prize. (Go to and then write to me at to let me know which one you'd like.) Best regards, Donna Cunningham

Susannah said...

That's wonderful, thanks so much Donna. :-)


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