Transiting Jupiter

The past few days, maybe it has been a week, I am not sure, as I seem to have lost track of time. Well, anyway, the last however long, I have been feeling really energised and 'buzzing', I have had a job sleeping and ideas have been coming thick and fast.

I have been blogging and doing a tremendous amount of creative stuff after a long period of being pretty stagnant and not having much desire or inclination to do anything much. It is like a light has been turned on, like I have been turbo charged and am running on high octane fuel.

I have felt similar feelings before, the sleeplessness, the intense energy etc. that usually indicates Uranus to me. I have Sun conjunct Uranus and it can get triggered, not just by transit but by spending a lot of time being creative on the computer (a very uranian energy) I seem to exist on a different energy level when that happens, food and sleep don't seem important and time flies by.

Well, this feeling isn't quite like that, it feels expansive and optimistic and although I feel I must keep tabs on it so it doesn't get too much, it is enjoyable, things are moving, I feel positive and energised. I am putting lots of things into action that have been simmering in the background.

Jupiter has been transiting opposite my Mercury at 3 degrees Leo and is just moving to sit on my mid heaven at 6 degrees Aquarius which is also the degree of the coming new moon eclipse.

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