Astrology a mirror of the soul

The planets and their functions or their individual "personalities" are mirrors of the archetypal forces inherent both in us personally, and in humanity as a whole. They are contained by and their various positions are plotted within the circle of your birthchart/self. (The circle...a symbol of wholeness)

This is your own cast of characters, each one with its own personality (what sign/element it falls in) and its own interaction with everything/everyone else contained within the circle/self. As with any bunch of people (planets/signs/principles,) some will get on really famously...(helpful agreeable aspects / lines of energy between them,) and some will cause tension or be ignored /disliked /contained etc. etc.

But, as is the case with anything that is repressed, it will eventually have to be heard/acknowledged/dealt with for wholeness to occur. Or it will be constantly mirrored to you from outside of yourself, in the form of other people or circumstances etc. in order that you learn from it/own it. Each one of us has a completely unique pattern/ interplay of energies contained within us, but the fundamental drives of humanity are common to us all.

Astrology is a remarkable tool in the understanding of your own particular individuality / birth vision / potential / capabilities. It helps you...hopefully with understanding and compassion, to mediate between all of the different "characters" in your own play/personality structure. All is there, naked and vulnerable. No masks. No defences.
If you are willing to look and to understand - it is a mirror of the soul.
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Colleen Loehr said...

Great post! Thank you.

Susannah said...

Thanks Colleen. :-)


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