Jupiter sitting on my 12th house Moon

"I have no words left to describe the moon.
For she who sails in the heavens, and pulls and pushes the oceans is not a one for words. She rules the surges of the heart, the nuances, the subtleties that the sun and his fierce shining light may miss. So I am sorry - I have no words left to describe the moon.

"I held the mirror upside down today
but it didn't change what I saw. . .
Still me, still there, still the right way up."

The last couple of days I've been haunted by strange feelings surfacing, ones that I could not put words to. On checking my transits I found Jupiter sitting exactly on my 12th House Moon.

Images and words - Susannah Bec.


Anonymous said...

Jupiter is sitting right on my 9th House Hades. Buy the ticket, take the ride. :-)

Susannah said...


I don't know much about Hades? I shall go and remedy that right now!

Thanks for popping in, it is good to see you. x


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