A Thought for Today. . .

"A tree has both straight and crooked branches; the symmetry of the tree,
however, is perfect. Life is balanced like a tree. When you consider
the struggles, difficulties, and sorrows as a part of it,
then you see it as beautiful and perfect."
- George M. Lamsa


Anne Whitaker said...

I love your mandala and the tree quote, Susannah.

All good wishes for the Festive Season to you and your great blog!

Your Scottish friend

Anne x

Susannah said...

Thanks Anne. :-)

It is always a pleasure to see you. x

echo said...

Somedays i am amazed by how well you have posted just what I needed to find. This balance is what I keep baby-stepping toward

Happy New Year My Friend

Dixie / echo

Susannah said...

Thanks Dixie. :-)

Good to see you here.

Lua Astrology said...

This is a beautiful quote Susannah. I shared it on facebook too :-)

Susannah said...

Hi Leah, I liked it too. :-)


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