Out of that windspun night . . .

The hero journey is inside of you;
tear off the veils and open the mystery
of your self. - Joseph Campbell

"Sometimes you need to define what it is for you
- what is the purpose of this wild and crazy life,
where is your place in the scheme of things.

Will you plod steady down the centre path of your life,
or skirt the edges, dancing with shadows,
listening to the music that is yours alone to hear.

Will you sparkle and shine and burn with passing passions,
reflecting the lights of the peripheral and almost unseen.

Or do you want to sink roots deep into the black earth and remain
steady, growing branches, sprouting leaves, reaching for the sky.

Do you run, do you walk, or do you sit and wait for the
sparkling moments to blow through your hair."

Out of that windspun night, from those galloping hills,
spangled with your precious stars

you come on heels of burning fire
you come with eyes full of desire

the raging sun burns in you
the gentle rains flow in you

No man remains quite what he was when he recognizes himself. - Thomas Man

How could I have been anyone other than me? - Dave Matthews

"I'll walk where my own nature would be leading:
It vexes me to choose another guide." - Emily Bronte

Images and words - Susannah Bec 2010


LB said...

Hi Susanah - Your words and the pictures you paint are beautiful, and speak very strongly to me. Once we discover our true place, we can never go back to living the half-life that came before.

How fortunate you are to get that at such a relatively young age. It takes a true willingness to want to know, doesn't it? And also a willingness to relinquish all that is false. Not always so easy.

Anne Whitaker said...

Hi Susannah

having got "Wisps" published - and thank you once again for your support there - I now have time to browse my friends again!

I love this piece: the swirling intensity and radiance of your words and art evoke echoes of that feeling in me generated by the wonder of the Northern Lights in the night sky when I was a child.


Susannah said...

Hi LB, Good to see you again. :-)

What you say is very true, it does take a true willingness to want to know and the courage to drop all that's false.

With me, when I think about it, it was a 'have to know' rather than a 'want' to know really, I had to find some way of understanding myself and my many nuances so I could live with myself! :-)

It really has been a long journey and the more I uncover, there waiting like an onion skin, is another layer waiting to be explored.

Don't let my picture fool you as to my age. I was 50 in August! Gemini rising and good lighting can perhaps give a false impression. LOL

Thanks very much for taking the time to comment, it is appreciated.

Susannah said...

Hello Anne, It's good to see you and congratulations on getting 'Wisps' published! Well done! (Now other people can enjoy it as much as I did.) :-)

Oooh, I would love to see the northern lights, you are lucky and how wonderful that this post made you think of them. That is a wonderful compliment. Thank you.

LB said...

You're right, Susanah. Your appearance did fool me - lucky you!

Susannah said...

I may have to get another photo! ;-)


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