12th House Highlighted

"The human psyche shows that each individual is an extension
of all of existence." - Stanislav Grof

I nearly slipped down the cracks that opened in my reality today. Fissures in the once solid ground threatened to swallow me as I passed.

The looming dream world too close for comfort, infiltrating the light of day. No longer content with its sleep populated realm, it tore a hole in the thin fabric that separates these two different worlds.

Maybe these rips are always there, hidden, unseen, but today, I noticed.

12th house Mars and Moon. Moon opposite Neptune both square Mercury on the IC


PismoPam said...

My Moon is also in the 12th, and I really enjoyed this poem. I made a little video commentary you can see at

;>) Pismo Pam

Susannah said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it. :-)


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