Transits, Progression and Personal Growth

From my experience, a new stage of personal growth (usually triggered by transit or progression) is very often marked by the entry into your life, of a person, situation or circumstance that highlights the lesson to be learned.

By triggering a planetary configuration within our chart, or by highlighting the house / area of life where the work will need to be done, it can provide a focus and a clue as to where in our life / personality our attention is needed, to facilitate our continuing personal evolution.

Of course it can also be marked by the exit from your life of someone or something that had a strong stimulating effect on a particular planet / set of aspects within your chart (keeping it to the fore so that it could be worked on).

When this added weight to one bit of our "make up" is removed, it enables the restructuring of our internal "soap opera" to allow another character to come forward, as the previous "characters" storyline has been exhausted for the present moment, and all that could be learned in that particular phase of growth has been done.

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A. Goldberg said...

I couldn't agree with you more - great blog - and great insight! I'll be back to red more. Thanks for sharing.

Susannah said...

Thanks very much for your comment and great to meet you :-)


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