Alignment - Leo Full Moon Eclipse

I have come into alignment with myself, walking in time to my own rhythm, trusting my own beat.

Scattered pieces now magnetized by my core, return and slot in to places I didn't even know were empty.

A jigsaw coming together, edges done long ago, the final bits are slipping easily into the missing spaces.

Fragments I suspected long gone, were not lost, just hidden.The final piece will reveal the whole picture, I pick it up and gently put it into place.

This was written today:
with the Leo full moon sitting exactly on my natal Sun/Uranus (at 20/21 degrees Leo) and the transiting Aquarian Sun /chiron conjunction exactly opposite at 20/21 degrees Aquarius).

Transiting Neptune at 23 degrees Aquarius is trine my natal Jupiter in Sagitarius and transiting Mars is exactly opposite my Natal Mercury.

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