Too much Neptune

She sat, huddled.
Her thin life coming apart at the seams.
She pulled it to her
for warmth and cold comfort.
A fragile shell,
that could neither hold her in,
or anything else out.
No division,
no exterior, no interior
no sanctuary
from the storms of emotion
from the weather of her moods.
She sang her own song,
no one elses would do.
She saw through walls,
and conversations
and the look in peoples eyes.
Everything was stark,

Copyright © SB 2008


Maya said...

this is really wonderful poetry... i would like to put it on my blog with your permission... with your name and link to your blog... may i?

Susannah said...

Hello Maya and thank you very much for your kind comment. Yes, you can put it on your blog with my name and a link. Let me know when you have done it as I would love to see it!

It is very nice to meet you Maya, please visit again. :-)

Maya said...

thanks susannah for you visit and comments. it felt good. i too had spent hours on your various blog when i first visited it many months ago... i felt very deeply touched not only by your poetry but also your astro writings... i too have found astrology a wonderful path to self discovery.. and many of my internal conflicts were explained by astro and helped me to resolve them :)

so i found your blog to be that of a kindred soul.. and felt many echoes of my own soul here ...

thanks... you are a treat!


Susannah said...

Thanks again Maya - it is so good to have met you! :-)


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